There is a special law of Nature keeps working in auto mode. Nobody in this world can be liberated without paying following three kinds of loans of this physical world: –

  1. Divine Loan – We all souls are indebted to the only one source of spiritual energy – (GOD). Without this energy we can do nothing in this world. Even each and every steps we walk is dedicated to the divine energy. God gives and forgives and we souls get and forget to repay this loans.

How to Repay It – The best way to repay this loan is to remove ‘I’ consciousness. Replace with ‘WE’ (we means me & divine energy of Almighty God together). Never think you are doing something alone in this world. Just accept, acknowledge, and share to connect consciousness to Almighty Father. Dedicate each and every works and achievement to Almighty Divine Father. The best example in metaphoric language is mentioned in one of the Indian epics know as “Ramayan – The story of Lord Rama”.

While making a bridge over the sea, all those stones floated which carried the name of God over it and all those stones submerged into the water which did not carry the name of God over it. This story explains that we have to make a bridge over this world sea and dedicate each and every works to Divine to cross over to the path of liberation from bondage of grief, agony, pains etc and embark on the journey of health, happiness and liberation. This is just accepting the fact that I am not doing anything alone. In fact I am doing with the help of divine energy flowing in me. There should not be “I” or ‘EGO’ (Edging GOD Out) at all. Just by feeling self combined with Almighty Energy is the quickest and easiest way of clearing divine loan.

2 Teacher’s / Guide’s loans – We all are taught and guided by many teachers or guides who came into our lives at various steps and time. They all have contributed to make our lives better to sail through the difficult phases of life. They come into our lives from time to time just to provide guidance and teach some lessons of life at the behest of invisible Almighty Supreme Teacher and Sadguru (True Supreme Guide or Guru). We all are indebted to all these teachers and guides who taught and guided us to come out  successfully from difficult phases of life. This kind of loan is not belonging to one particular person but to many who came into our lives. Repaying this kind of loan is most important to embark on the path of liberation.

How to repay it: – To repay this kind of loan is most easier than any other kind of loans. Just spread the lessons learnt by you to many people who ever comes in contact at various stages of your life. Never keep the lessons of life as a secret. Just disseminate to others. Create awareness in masses of true knowledge. If You keep the fruits with you only, it will be spoiled. Therefore it is always better to give someone. Giving and forgiving attitude enables you to come out of this kind of loan.  

3 Parental Loan: – We all get the physical body to take birth in this world by our parents only. We choose our parents before entering into the womb based on our karmic relationships. Generally people think that by giving birth to a child (that is providing a body to a soul in the womb to take birth in this world as our parents did for us after marriage) we can be absolved of this kind of loan. But this is not the way to clear this kind of loan.

How to repay it – Our parents sacrifice their time and energy to look after us in the childhood. They are connected emotionally to us and nurture us to grow, educate and become self dependent. They sacrifice their adulthood for us. When they become old, they become like a child due to old aged physical and mental incapacitation and we grow as adult and energetic person. At this junction, we must emotionally nurture them with proper love and care and get their blessings. Their blessings are most important factor to clear all kind of loans of life. This is the final loan which gets only cleared by heartiest blessings of the parents. We must not ignore our parents by keeping them away in old aged home or separately from our family and children. 


My transformation as Dr. B. K. Chandrashekhar from a layman Chandra Shekhar Tiwari is a true story of toil and constant efforts. It seems easy to hear, but was more difficult at real level. I had a very strong faith in GOD. While undergoing the hardships in my life, my belief in God had almost shattered.

If you peep into my past. Fifteen years ago (Jan 1999), I became the victim of Cancer. I also became a victim of other two life-threatening diseases – Fourth Stage of Cirrhosis of Liver and Hepatitis C at the same time. During the period of hospitalisation, I was facing the hardship and side effects of medication, which broke me mentally and physically. I lost my strong faith in God which I had earlier. But God did not lose His faith in me. When I was on the verge of collapse due to extreme depression, a white luminous star appeared in front of me. It grew brighter and brighter. I found myself in a pool of powerful red and blue colourful rays coming intermittently from the Divine Source of Spiritual Light Energy piercing my body. It happened thrice in the hospital.

I experienced enlightenment of the mind with flashing of the most empowering words coming from the divine, “Your life is the most valuable treasure for me. You will survive to carry out divine service to enlighten the world.”

With these words, the light disappeared. It just changed the course of my agitating mind. I was rejuvenated, my mind was filled with confidence, and my shattered faith in God turned into unshakable faith and love for God. My consciousness moved to the higher self. I believed that every adversity contains within it the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit. Everything happens for a reason, and a purpose that it serves. The winter of sorrow will yield to the spring of joy just as the brilliant rays of the morning always follow the darkest part of the night. I discovered the fortune on the other side of the fear I had of malignant and life threatening diseases.

I realized that these wounds were merely blockages which prohibit experiencing the joys that all human beings deserve to experience on a daily basis. Now my spiritual journey with Supreme Divine Self started. My intellect and heart found a new nomenclature for Him as SIGFA- Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty. I used to get lost in communion with God during meditation. I asked three most pertinent questions haunting my mind. I am going to share those Divine answers, which was experienced by me in deep meditative state. These answers are called SIGFA SOLUTIONS. It gives all solutions related to Health and Happiness for human being. It is not my personal answers or solutions. You will get the right spiritual reality which blends science and spirituality. It opened my third eye of knowledge and say with great conviction that these answers will definitely enlighten your mind too.

Now I would like to share the 5000 years old spiritual secrets of holistic health and happiness as disclosed by Divine.

My First Question to GOD: Why did I become the prey of such a deadly disease like ‘Cancer’?

Answer: God replied “You didn’t take Healing Current from me to keep yourself healthy and happy. That is why you faced this diseases.

I was shocked after hearing the one-line reply of GOD. I was un­able to understand what type of current he is talking about. I asked again which current He was talking about. I have heard about electrical current, water current, wind current etc. but not of any healing current coming from GOD Himself.

He replied me that He was talking about Current of Spiritual Energy keep coming from Him round the clock to entire universe. As physical sun keeps radiating solar energy and light to whole world, in the same way Spiritual Healing Energy and light of knowledge keeps coming from GOD all the time to the entire universe. As electrical cur­rent is called electrical energy, so spiritual current is called spiritual energy.

GOD explained me the difference between a living body and a dead body. He says that presence of spiritual energy (Soul) in the body is called Human Being. Being is the energy in human body. This energy is also called SELF – Spiritual Energy in Light Form. First time in my life I was able to know the expansion of word SELF uttered by most of us. He also explained that the ab­sence of spiritual energy in the body is called Dead Body.

Due to the absence of such spiritual energy, the limbs of a dead body cannot function. As you already know that all the organs of body work as a machine. The brain works like a computer, heart like a water pump, stomach like a mixer grinder and all other organs work in the same way too. Is there any possibility of working these machines without energy. There is no external plug or socket in the human body to collect the required energy.

The energy, which runs all these machines, is present in the soul of our body in the form of spiritual energy. The complete absence of spiritual energy means death. After transplanting from dead body into living body, these organs start to work. There is a subtle dif­ference between physical energy and spiritual energy. Mind is a part of spiritual energy and where there is no mind, is physical energy. So we can do only the physical and mechanical works by physical energy and we are able to do all physical along with mental works by spiritual energy. We cannot do the work of thinking by physical energy. Computers and Robots cannot think because they have no spiritual energy. This is the basic difference between physical and spiritual energy as God made me understand. God explained about the spiritual energy in very simple way and also said that I have to take this energy by my own efforts. I will share the details of tapping this spiritual energy. Most of the people talk about spirituality but I want to enrich your lives with the abundance of spiritual energy.

This is the first unbelievable answer I received from God and wanted to share with all of you. I assure that you will not get such type of answers in any existing book of the world as these are the teachings of SIGFA ( S-Spiritual, I-Incorporeal, G-GOD, F-Father, A-Almighty). I thank God from the core of my heart because He used me as an instrument to bring such type of teachings in light for the welfare of mankind. I would share the teachings of God in my subsequent blogs which will be certainly very beneficial in order to achieve health and happiness forever.


“Law of Karma” affects us 100%. But first we have to understand what are the Laws of Karma and How Karma is Done. There are three types of karma.

  • Sukrama
  • Akarma
  • Vikarma

Sukarma: Karma with positive mind for positive effects on SELF and others is called Sukarma. These types of karma shape our destiny with positive karmic accounts.

Akarma: Activities or Karma which neither add nor subtract from our karmic accounts like: daily essential activities of going toilet, cleansing, eating etc.

Vikarma: Karma with negative intention harming SELF and others which reduces our karmic accounts.

Laws of Karma

  1. Concentrate on Actions and Not Wander Your Mind on Result: Result is the outcome of constant and focused attention on work with Perseverance and Patience.
  2. Become a Karmayogi: It means mind is united with karma with proper attention on its qualities and methodologies with “Nimit Bhav” (Doing work as an instrument of GOD sans Ego. Ego means Edging GOD Out and Thinking I can do only.)
  3. Unaffected by the Outcomes: When you are working as Karmayogi -= as an instrument of GOD. You are not affected by outcome, since it is GOD’s work and you are doing for Him. Let GOD knows only what the right time of right outcome is.
  4. Connection with Spiritual Energy: As a Karmayogi, we are connected to Spiritual Energy (By Default) as mind thinks that GOD is with me. 100% GOD’S energy remain with us with full faith in Almighty to perform action irrespective of outcome of expected result.
  5. Reaping the Fruits of Destiny: As a Karmayogi, we reap 100% success, remain egoless, remain stress free, disease free, healthy, happy, and divine with add on bonus of being most lucky with positive karmic account of destiny.
  6. Intention is the Major Factor of Law of Karma: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. As is the intention, so is the result. If good work is done with bad intention, result is negative. Bad intention means mind is devoid of spiritual light means it is filled with darkness of ignorance. So result has to be negative. Karmic account has to deplete. These types of persons cry and say, “Oh GOD, Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” (Take me from Darkness to Light).

Presence of Spiritual Divine Energy enlightens the mind and intellect, removes ignorance and ego, develop positivity & creativity and hence the result is positive with add on benefits of karmic account for future.

If bad work is done with good intention the result is positive. For example – If a person diverts the path of a butcher running behind a cow to slaughter her by telling a lie of path being followed by cow, he will be blessed with his right intention of saving life of a cow.

Remember Thumb Rules of Laws of Karma to reap Health and happiness forever:

  • Nimit Bhav: Doing for Divine, thinking self as an instrument of God.
  • Nirman Bhav: Doing with Creativity and Positive Intention
  • Maintaining Perseverance in Karma
  • Liberal in Approach: Open to Suggestions, New ideas and Cooperation
  • Having Patience for Outcome or till Result is Achieved

As an example, you can see my life. I say with utmost faith that lack of spiritual energy and effect of karma were the major reasons behind the hardships of my life during the days of cancer. The days of my service in Air Force was completely different. My outer environment was not completely in tune with my inner environment. I faced Stressful Work Environments, continuous projection of negative thoughts and emotions. I was not able to enjoy my life. Feeling of inferiority, irritation, anger, hate and jealousy use to rapidly drain out my stored spiritual energy in the body (ATP). I was not doing proper meditation to recharge myself with spiritual energy. Long term absence of required Spiritual Energy in the organ caused Cancer in my body. Thus the laws of karma implies here in my life too.  

The whole crux of the Laws of Karma is to follow the thumb rule and automatically you will remain connected to the source of spiritual energy. The best example in which laws of Karma was followed is – Making a bridge by Lord Rama. Everyone was throwing stones and pebbles in the sea by writing the name of Rama on each stones and pebbles. The stones and pebbles which bore the name of Rama, remained floating and stones & pebbles without the name of Rama drowned in the sea.

The spiritual message behind this anecdote is to simply follow the thumb rule of Laws of Karma. Writing the name of Rama on stones and pebbles means dedicating big or small works (karma) to God and not writing name of Rama means owning the work by developing ego (Edging God Out) hence the works (Karmas) got drowned losing its identity in the world sea.

In this anecdote, GOD is personified as Ram, Sea is personified as world and Karma is personified as the stones and pebbles.


Human existence is the combination  of  body, mind, and a third element, the real Self or Atman. The mind is the interface between the Self and the external world. Mind works like the most powerful instrument in handling all internal and external activities.

We do not have the certain parameters to define the mind but all the human behaviours can be categorised as the activities of the mind. Now comes on the topic of  “Mindset”. Mindset is the collection of our thoughts and beliefs which shape our thought processes. And our thought processes affect how we think, how we feel, and what we do. Mindset impacts our internal as well as external environments a lot. Mindset is so important that it can be treated as the architect of human life. The quality of our mindset depicts the harmonious condition between the activities of mind and heart.  The right mindset directs us towards genuine success (satisfaction as well as happiness) and scattered mindset leads us towards astray, chasing success like a mirage.

It is generally said that when one Japanese and one more Japanese come together, their mindset make them eleven not two. It is the positive aspect of mindset but another hand when two people meet and start to blame and criticize one another they both become zero. It is the result of negative mindset. They do not form a great team and the progress and sustainable growth of organizations depend on positive, constructive, forward looking mindsets.

Fixed and Growth Mindset

A fixed mindset is when people believe that their basic qualities, intelligence. talents, abilities are just fixed traits. They have certain amount of these traits and cannot be improved. In growth mindset, they believe that even basic talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience, mentorship, and so on. People with growth mindset challenge themselves and grow.

Here one thing is of utmost importance that we should accept that our mindset is not static and can and must be grown for better quality of life and a sense of openness to learning.

So, in every walks of life. we have to keep in mind the hallmarks of a growth mindset. With growth mindset we see that challenges are exciting rather than threatening. People with growth mindset think that I am not going to reveal my weakness but it is a chance to grow.

Role of Psycho Neurobics in Positive Mindset

If we really want to empower our mind then we will have to change our mindset and must keep certain things in mind for grown mindset like:

  • Awareness of anger and its effects on quality of life
  • Accepting that it is irrational
  • Acknowledging the role of self in creating it
  • Avoiding self – condemnation
  • Accept responsibility for changing it and
  • Taking action to change it

We want to assure that these above steps cannot be taken without the proper involvement of mind as mind and brain are two different entities. For empowering the mind, you have to know what it is, how it works, how it deceives you at every turn and by what methods it can be subdued. What a man’s mind dwells upon, according to that his life and character are moulded, also his destiny.

Psycho Neurobics is the exercises of transferring Spiritual Energy in neuro cells by connecting Psyche (Mind) to the Supreme Source of Spiritual Energy (God). It is the best methodology to guide your mind in order to utilize mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep body and mind healthy.


The way we choose to use our mind and the way we respond to our outer world have more to do with diseases than our diet and our environment. It is said that anger can kill and mind can heal.

It is really not the anger in and of itself that kills, it is the way we choose to process the anger that could hurt us or make us very sick. The body in essence is a mirror of our inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Every single cell in the body has its own intelligence and is able to listen to what we are thinking and feel what we are expressing emotionally.

In reality, our cells and our body respond to every thought we think, every emotion we have and every word we speak. Repetitive modes of thinking and suppressing negative emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, and hatred can and will eventually manifest as dis-ease of mind which further result in many diseases in the body. Literally, suppressed emotions become like ticking bombs waiting for the perfect conditions to detonate and manifest as many diseases.

Anger is undoubtedly a self-defeating and self destructive emotion. It can cause physical problems like disturbed sleep, tiredness, hypertension, heart problems, ulcers, stiffness in the joints, cancer and other physical complications.

Anger, when out of control, can lead to violence against someone you are close to, leading to physical injury and even fatalities. You may say or do things that you cannot undo. Relationships get damaged, sometimes irreversibly the victim may either retaliate or withdraw, giving in to the fight or flight impulse. In either case, the relationship suffers, as the relationship finishes at the emotional level. So now we will try to understand the root causes of anger and how it can be controlled through mind empowerment.

Root Causes of Anger

There may be following causes of anger:

·    Unfulfilled desires and expectation.

·     Ego and self-centeredness

·     Discontentment

·      Low self-esteem

·      Lack of self control

·      Ignorance of ‘True’ self or body consciousness

Effects of Anger

Anger plays havoc with your responsibility. The effects of anger are as follows–

·     Pushes back qualities

·     Sours relationship

·     Brings disrespect

·     Blocks co-operation

·     Takes away happiness

·      Ends in repentance

·      Depletes energy

·      Clouds judgments

·      Causes emotional imbalance

·      Results in irritable nature

·      Leads to unbecoming conduct


Anger Management with Mind Empowerment


If we really want to get rid of anger then we will have to empower our mind and keep certain things in mind like:

·    Awareness of anger and its effects on quality of life

·    Accepting that it is irrational

·    Acknowledging the role of self in creating it

·    Avoiding self – condemnation

·    Accept responsibility for changing it and

·    Taking Action to change it

We want to assure that these above steps cannot be taken without the proper involvement of mind as mind and brain are two different entities. So we will have to first understand what is mind and how we can empower it. For empowering the mind, you have to know what it is, how it works, how it deceives you at every turn and by what methods it can be subdued. The mind is undoubtedly extremely turbulent. Through repeated attempts you can perfectly subdue it. You could become the master of the mind.

With the majority of mankind, the mind is greatly under the control of the body. Their minds are very little developed.


Mind empowerment means directing our positive and powerful thoughts towards a desired outcome. It is really very simple as what you focus on is what you attract. So always pay proper attention to your qualities of thoughts. Our thoughts are the primary creative force in our life. We need to use them consciously, use them often, and awaken to a new life of power and opportunity.